Experience in the use of ProstEro

The experience of Sergio Roma

the experience of the use of the sergio, from rome,

It all started with problems with urination. I became constantly running to the toilet, it's bothered him, and prevented him from leading a normal life, a place to travel far away, for example. And then there was a burning sensation in the groin, on the penis. Gradually, the sensation of the steel ones. Erection as as the the worst of it was not, but I was afraid of problems, such as having sexual intercourse. Of course, the little girl began to ask questions. In general, you have been an urgent need to solve the problem.

On the internet, I came across a web site ProstEro – it is a drug for the treatment of prostatitis, occurs in the form of capsules and in liquid form. The reviews have been very good, I decided to order it. I chose the capsules, easy to use: drink three times a day, 30 minutes before a meal. These charges are the responsibility of it quickly, it was only a private. It is important to me, and I don't want the neighbors to know, that I have to take medicine for prostatitis.

After less than a week ProstEro the application of the pain is pretty much gone. After a couple of weeks ago, had disappeared a burning sensation. And after a month I felt like I was a completely healthy, trouble with urination, it wasn't there. Of course, this is great, got me in the mood! Right now, I would be able to live a normal life and not have to think about the issues of health care. And the sex has become better and richer!